AG Hohloch

Carbenes, Phosphines & Catalysis

Equipment (owned by the group and shared with the Institute)

Synthetic equipement

High-performance schlenk lines                                                                

Double Glovebox by GS Systemtechnik                                           

MBraun Solvent Purification System

Spectroscopic and electrochemical equipement

Bruker Ultra Shield 300 NMR                                         

Bruker Ascend 400 NMR                                             

Bruker Magnettech MS 5000 EPR with variable temperature (77 - 400K)          
and Hamamatsu irridiation unit (240-590 nm)

Bruker D8 Quest diffractometer                                     

Bruker Alpha IR spectometer                                       

BioLogic Potentiostat for electrochemistry

Cary 5000 UV-Vis-NIR spectrometer                           

Shimadzu GC-MS Analyzer

Elementar CHNS-Analyzer